The Lifecoach Podcast

Wishing they’d actually taught us financial literacy in schools, we teamed up with Bendigo Bank to rectify this with a finance podcast filled with enough LOLs to keep you sticking around (and enough to be named a double Webby Award Honoree). Ex-accountant and current comedian, Suren Jayemanne guides us through a bunch of real world, practical tips from our finance-y experts with all the panache that dual profession affords him. Which is surprisingly a lot.

Scripting, casting & production by Subversus.

  • Partners:

  • Bendigo Bank

  • Hosted by:

  • Suren Jayemanne

  • Written by:

  • Tanya Babic, Suren Jayemanne and Jason Sukadana

  • Produced by:

  • Subversus